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Astrological Consultancy
Cultivating Consciousness for Illuminated Living

       ust as the moon waxes to full bloom in its cycle each month, working with your own individual life cycles brings illumination to the mysteries of your life. Your personal, singular astrology reflects the path of your unique luminescence. I'm here to help you embrace both the shadow and the shine.


My name is 
I'll be your astrologer.

Melissa Greener

Welcome to Waxing AstroLogic!

I am here to help you navigate
by the stars of your charted course
so that you may adjust your own sails
to better captain your own ship.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part
of your voyage and discovery!

To everything there is a season,

...and a time for every purpose under heaven:

Astrology was created and used independently by every ancient culture across the globe.  Tracking the cycles of the planets – including the Sun and the Moon – became the calendar and system of time-keeping by which humans have lived for millennia.  The very same cycles of the movement of the planets through the heavens continues to correlate to most every aspect of modern life and your personal growth and evolution.  Today we still apply the same principals and techniques of this ancient astro-logic to help us navigate the twists and turns of our individual life and times.

My passion, as a certified professional astrologer, is to empower you to live into your fullest, most authentic self.  It's my job to translate for you the language of your personal astrology so that you may better understand, accept, and embrace every aspect of your Self and your life.  There is
buried treasure of deeper self-knowing within you. Together we'll uncover it, by interpreting the intricacies of your singularly unique cosmic DNA – aka, your birth chart; aka, the position of the planets in our solar system at the precise moment of your birth.  

Let's dive in!  

This intimate one-to-one session work is all about increasing your self-knowing, empowering you to employ your fullest range of agency in every aspect of your life – Especially areas of blockage, struggle, pain, and resistance.  Gain insight into how to:

  •  Make decisions with clarity, confidence, and ease.

  •  Clearly identify greatest strengths as well as biggest obstacles.

  •  Release guilt and shame by living into personal integrity.

  •  Prioritize optimal health – mind, body, and spirit.